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What is the difference between leather and nappa leather?

What is Nappa Leather?
Nappa leather is a popular leather type used by automakers today that is typically a full-grain leather. Full-grain means that the surface has not been altered aside from hair-removal, and the leather has retained a lot of the original textures and markings of the hide. The Nappa leather also goes through a finisher application to enhance durability, but because the leather is hardly treated aside from this step, it still retains a natural look and feels extremely soft to the touch.
Other Leather and Nappa Leather
Other leathers in found in interiors of vehicles on the market today include aniline, semi-aniline, and corrective leather. Aniline and semi-aniline are the highest-quality leathers on the market today and are typically only found in luxury vehicles, due to the quality of the hide being used and limited top treatments. Corrective leather is a step down from Nappa and has more natural flaws. Despite the flaws, corrective leather is quite popular due to the fact that it still retains its leather feel and appearance yet costs a bit less.
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