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The research and design of automobile interior synthetic leather rexine

With the constant improvement of the social economy level and consumer’s awareness of health, safety, increasingly people pay attention to the function of the car interior and aesthetics when people are in the pursuit of the car power and shape. They also focus on comfortable, and the smell of the interior materials,environmental protection and health hazard problems.
There are mainly based on the following requirements of the development and design of automobile interior leather:
  1. The demand for the overall aesthetic feeling and comfort of the interior material, including the soft touch, the comfort of touch, the coordination of the gloss, pattern and the design of the vehicle.
  1. The demand of function, low cost, including high strength, aging resistance, resistance to sweat, air permeability, flame retardant, anti-heat resistance, resistance to bacteria and chemicals, etc. At the same time, It also helps reduce the cost of auto parts.
  1. The process adaptability of secondary processing
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