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A New Look at Fake Leather

Paper, plastic, aluminum and glass—this is the list of recyclable materials that most of us think of when we hear "recycling". But, when you’re thinking green, it’s important to think outside the box (and the recycling bin). Did you know that leather was recyclable too?
The material itself goes by a few names; recycled leather, bonded leather, or composite leather.
Then way is to stop at the shredding process. The strands of shredded leather can be used to make products like ourrecycled leather rugs. Here, the leather strips have been woven together to create a 100% repurposed leather product. Leather scraps can be used to make small leather goods too, such as key chains or small wallets.
Regardless of how it is upcycled or repurposed, leather plays an important role in sustainability.
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In 2006, 12 youth who are interested in artificial leather established in Guangzhou. After 11 years effort, Xiangze grows up day by day, and the other name is Merida. Today we have 5 PVC factories, more than 10 branches in China, one foreign trade department and more than 400 staffs.  
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